Art Meets Construction with Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering is the art or illustration of making two-dimensional images. It can also be described as the art of creating animations, displaying certain attributes of an architectural design. It is purposefully conceptual and designed mostly using special computer software. These type of designs are widely used by agents in real estate, marketing and sales presentations. The illustrations enable agents and realtors to cost effectively express different construction points of view to their prospective investors. The investors then get to scrutinize and offer directives. There are various types of architectural rendering options used and these include still renderings, virtual tours, 3D Walk-through, Photo-Realistic 3D, Panoramic, Light and Shadow, Real Time 3D, Photo-montage, Floor Plans and Virtual tours. These illustrations carry more detail than traditional blueprints, graphically and realistically. Architectural renderings take advantage of modern cutting edge technology to present the clearest and most vivid view in multimedia presentations. Some images professionally made with 3D software are known as Computer Generated Renderings. In this style of rendering, the techniques applied vary depending on their design analysis, marketing to presentation needs. Some designs require accurate lighting while some others will require images with basic shadows and flat imaging. Such images will use the Photo Realistic rendering technique.

When it comes to building design and visual design, 3D renderings options convey a higher advantage. These renderings make design related choices easier prior to the initial stages of construction. This software allows prospective homeowners to express and communicate their vision to builders in a clear and concise manner. It also gives its users a clearer vision of the total cost of the construction materials. It primarily becomes easier to envision easily the interior and exterior features of the house or office under construction. Another advantage is that the renderings help builders, with easier ways to calculate construction costs prior to investing in labor and materials. Private property owners especially prefer architectural rendering software due to its capability to design a cheap, cost effective home. Store and retail space landlords use professionally-programmed 3D rendering software to prepare and arrange advertisements. This is done especially before launching fresh advertising campaigns. Hotel and restaurant owners employ the use of these renderings to control certain table placement, glass storage and silverware selection.

Hand-drawn renderings used to be the norm until technology took over and introduced the faster computer 3D modeling. Some individuals still prefer creating renderings by the traditional way of using hands. Other illustrators embrace the best of both worlds and combine hand and computer designed line illustrations. Some of the most common hand drawn architectural renderings include Acrylics, Water Color, Color Pencil, Pen and Ink and Markers.

Well known architectural firms sometimes choose to develop their architectural rendering in combination with various media. Pixate Creative rendering services are one of the go to companies for architects. Video cameras, camcorders, tablets and smartphones make up the bulk of these media, which normally become integrated to output a fly-by illustration. In the end, this presentation enables the investor audience to view and analyze a proposed project as a film presentation.

Intermediate and Master architects prefer to purchase Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for their architectural rendering needs. The advantages of these premium packages is that they offer enhanced options with a plethora of capabilities. Such functions are easier navigation within a 3D environment and special attachments of information to the respective designs.

There are a couple of free and open source software that can help amateurs who are starting up to create their own basic renderings. Google Sketch Up, which is widely known, allows upcoming and professional designers to visualize their construction ideology in 3D rendering.

Author: John Fox

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