To have clean and contaminant free water in your home, it is important that you have that you have an efficient and effective water filtration system. This way, you’ll be able to have continuous drinking water supply in your home and save a lot of cash that you’d have otherwise spent on bottled drinking water. One of the most popular and most reliable brands in water filtration systems is APEC systems.

APEC has a variety of water filtration systems. They all use very powerful reverse osmosis technology to purify water removing odor and bad taste. Water filtered by an APEC system is safe for both drinking and cooking purposes. Their systems use a 5-stage purification process to remove bacteria and other chemicals that might have contaminated the water.The top 3 models of APEC water filtration systems are the; APEC RO-90, APEC ROES-50, and the APEC RO-PERM. They are designed to work at different filtration rates, water pressures, and in different home sizes. They also have a variety of features and at varying prices to make them affordable to all.


-APEC systems come with high capacity solid block filters, high flow non-acidic membranes, and tubing that provide a fast flow rate of fresh water.
– Dimensions range between 16’ x 5.2’ x 17.5’ and 15’ x 7’ x 20’.
– Reverse osmosis membranes.
– A pro-grade solid metal frame that prevents vibration, noise, and water leakage.
– Automatic operation design. (Automatic shut off, Rinse water ratio control, etc.)
– Max and Min feed psi ranging between 30 and 100 Pa.
– Advanced 5-stage filtration that increases filtering capacity and efficiency.
– Filter set, filter casing, and system heads.
– Color coded tubing.
– Storage tanks (varying sizes).
– Luxury lead-free designer faucets.
– Detailed installation manual and installation kit

Each of these systems comes complete with a manufacturer’s installation manual plus a full installation kit. However, if you are not comfortable doing the job of installation there is always the option of using the services of a local plumber.

APEC provides premium quality filtration systems that are designed to be eco-friendly using NSF certified components. They are smart and automatic systems with features like automatic shut-off and pressure control. Their frames are solid in design enabling them to operate without creating noise. They guarantee 100% efficiency because they use a 5-stage filtration process. APEC water filtration systems are available in basic designs which are upgradeable in future.

When it comes to maintenance, their systems have low maintenance requirements with the need to replace filters only once per year. The job of installing an apec system is relatively easy and less time consuming. They also provide technical support which is available 24/7.

APEC water filtration systems also come with a 1year limited warranty and unlimited technical support.


APEC filtration systems have only one downside which is the price. They are slightly higher compared to other manufacturers of similar systems. However, it is always important to remember that, higher price comes with greater quality and durability.


If you want to buy a reliable and affordable water filtration for either your home or office, APEC systems would be a perfect choice. The perfect combination of features, technology, and pricing, is irresistible when it comes to their systems. For apec filter reviews please visit Daves Home Fix.

Author: John Fox

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